Stovall Award LogoThe Ellen L. Stovall Award for
Innovation in Patient-Centered Cancer Care

The Ellen L. Stovall Award for Innovation in Patient-Centered Cancer Care is a unique opportunity for patients and survivors to recognize exceptional providers who are transforming cancer care.

The Stovall Award is awarded annually to individuals, organizations, or other entities who demonstrate innovation in improving cancer care for patients in America. NCCS created the Stovall Award in honor of Ellen Stovall, our longtime CEO who passed away in 2016 due to cardiac complications from her cancer treatment.

Ellen Stovall and her dog AnnieAbout Ellen Stovall

In more than two decades of service and leadership at the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS), Ellen L. Stovall crusaded for the delivery of quality cancer care to all Americans. As a cancer survivor of more than four decades, Ellen sought to design her own system of patient-centered care to address the serious late and long-term effects of her cancer treatment, including the treatment of a second cancer. In pursuing her own system of care, she focused on care that emphasized strong doctor-patient communication, coordination of care and symptom management, and full consideration of the evidence supporting treatment options.

Ellen considered herself a “lucky” cancer survivor because her advocacy for herself opened the door to some of the best of American cancer care, accompanied by some of the glitches and gaps in care that many experience. Ellen’s pursuit of her own quality cancer care informed NCCS efforts to improve the overall cancer care delivery and payment system. Ellen and her colleagues at NCCS pursued changes in public and private payment systems that would encourage cancer care professionals to provide patient-centered care through partnership with their patients and through redesign of their systems to honor the principles of patient-centeredness.

2017 Stovall Award Honorees

Ellen touched the lives of so many in the cancer community, both personally and professionally, and her legacy was evident by the incredible response we received in launching this award. We were overwhelmed by the number and quality of the nominations, and we are grateful for the dedication of an esteemed selection committee, including the leadership of co-chair Dr. Doug Blayney.

After a nationwide competition, we are thrilled to announce the 2017 Stovall Award winners are Patrick (Pat) Coyne, MSN, from the Medical University of South Carolina and Martha (Meg) Gaines, JD, LLM, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Meet the Honorees

Patrick Coyne, MSN, Stovall Award Honoree“Pat has been instrumental in advancing concurrent palliative care alongside usual cancer care, especially in the inpatient setting, and in advancing palliative care worldwide. Pat is a nurse first and foremost and has assumed national and international leadership in nursing and in health care in general.”
– Thomas J. Smith, MD
Director of Palliative Care
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Patrick Coyne, an advanced practice nurse, has devoted his career to the advancement of the field of palliative care. Mr. Coyne is the Director of the Palliative Care Program at Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). He is one of the founders of ELNEC (End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium), which has educated more than 21,000 nurses in over 90 countries, and he has published over 100 papers on a variety of symptom management and policy issues.

Film directed by Andy Hunt.

Meg Gaines, JD, LLM, Stovall Award Honoree“She is an individual who, drawing upon a personal commitment to championing the individual rights of those diagnosed and treated for life-threatening illness, and those of their family members, created an innovative resource that is transforming cancer care daily for scores of patients and families.”
– Julia Rowland, PhD
Former Director,
Office of Cancer Survivorship
National Cancer Institute

Meg Gaines is a lawyer by training, a cancer survivor, and one of the founders of the Center for Patient Partnerships at the University of Wisconsin. The Center trains students in the fields of law, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and social work to provide advocacy to cancer patients. Interdisciplinary teams help cancer patients understand their diagnoses, get the information necessary to make critical treatment decisions, and support patients’ efforts to get the treatment they need.

Film directed by Ezra Ewen.

2017 Stovall Award Reception

Pat Coyne and Meg Gaines are presented with the 2017 Stovall Award

Left to right: Dr. Julia Rowland, Martha “Meg” Gaines, NCCS CEO Shelley Fuld Nasso, Patrick Coyne, and Dr. Thomas Smith at the 2017 Stovall Award Reception.

NCCS presented the Stovall Award to Mr. Coyne and Ms. Gaines at the second annual Stovall Award Reception in Washington, D.C on October 19, 2017. Mr. Coyne was nominated by Thomas J. Smith, MD, of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Ms. Gaines was nominated by Julia H. Rowland, PhD, recently retired director of the Office of Cancer Survivorship at the National Cancer Institute.

Named for longtime CEO of NCCS and three-time cancer survivor Ellen L. Stovall, who died in 2016, the award aims to honor her memory and advocacy by annually recognizing individuals, organizations, or other entities that are innovators in improving cancer care. Applications for the 2018 Stovall Award will be accepted beginning February 1, 2018.

Ellen Stovall set the bar in advocacy with her determination to improve cancer care for everyone,” said NCCS CEO Shelley Fuld Nasso. “Pat Coyne and Meg Gaines have dedicated their careers to making the lives of all those diagnosed with cancer better, and each is incredibly deserving of the Stovall Award. We were honored to have an outstanding set of nominees. I want to thank our sponsors and all the individuals who submitted nominations and served on the selection committee for making this year’s award program an incredible achievement. All of us at NCCS are excited to build on this success for next year’s award.”

“Receiving this award is humbling for me knowing how hard Ellen tirelessly fought for the needs of others,” said Pat Coyne. “It is an honor to be associated with her name, and all that she stood for to put the needs of patients at the center of cancer care. We have come a long way, but so much more work remains. I sincerely appreciate Dr. Smith, the selection committee, NCCS, and all those associated with the Stovall Award for this recognition.”

“I was privileged to know Ellen Stovall, and am honored to have my work recognized by the organization she started, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship,” said Meg Gaines. “Ellen paved the way for cancer survivors across the globe; her gentle but mighty hand will be felt for generations.”

Past Recipient

2016 — Douglas W. Blayney, MD, FACP (Inaugural Awardee)

Stovall Award Sponsorship

2017 Stovall Award Sponsors

NCCS thanks the following individuals and entities for sponsoring the 2017 Stovall Award.


American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
William E. Katz Family (In Memory of Martha Legg Katz)
Turner & Goss LLP
Sandy Welton

Astellas US
Doug and Vicki Blayney
Laurie Isenberg and Joel Roos (In Memory of Ellen Stovall)
Eleanor Winter and Dan Backo

Association for Accessible Medicines & The Biosimilars Council
Jeff and Jane Bulman
End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC)
Shelley and Michael Nasso
VCU Massey Cancer Center (In Honor of Patrick Coyne)

American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)
Hope Healthcare
International Cancer Expert Corps
Therese Mulvey, MD
National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
Oncology Nursing Society
Cokie Roberts
Julia H. Rowland
Jan Smith (In Memory of Ellen Stovall)
Jonathan Stovall & Briana Black (In Memory of Ellen Stovall)
Taiho Oncology

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Selection Committee

Nominations for the Stovall Award are reviewed by a committee of healthcare professionals, survivors and caregivers, with a strong representation from cancer survivors and patient advocates. At least fifty percent of the committee must be cancer survivors.

Selection Committee Members

Jonathan Stovall, Douglas Blayney, MD, and Shelley Fuld NassoJonathan Stovall (L) & Shelley Fuld Nasso (R) present the inaugural Stovall Award to Douglas Blayney, MD (2016)

Douglas Blayney, MD – Co-Chair
Stanford University Medical Center

Shelley Fuld Nasso, MPP – Co-Chair
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

Samira Beckwith*
NCCS Board Member

Amy Berman, BSN, LHD*
The John A. Hartford Foundation

Univ. of Texas Southwestern

Thomas Feeley, MD

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Susan Gubar*
Columnist, The New York Times

Barbara Hoffman, JD*
NCCS Co-Founder,
Rutgers Law School

Clifford A. Hudis, MD, FACP, FASCO
American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

Laurie Isenberg*
NCCS Board Member

Deborah Kamin
American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

Michael Kolodziej, MD
Flatiron Health

Susan Leigh*
NCCS Co-Founder,

Ana Maria Lopez, MD, MPH, FACP
University of Utah School of Medicine

Jennifer Malin, MD
United Health Group,
University of California–Los Angeles

Sammantha McDonald*


Kristen McNiff, MPH
Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Fitzhugh Mullan, MD*
NCCS Co-Founder,
George Washington University

Therese Mulvey, MD*
Massachusetts General Hospital

Michael Neuss, MD
Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Joshua Sharfstein, MD
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Thomas J. Smith, MD*
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Peter Ubel, MD*
Duke University

Dan Weber*
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

Kathryn West*

*Cancer Survivor

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