Take Charge Pamphlet with Essential Questions (Bulk Bundle of 50)


Note: This free bulk resource comes in bundles of 50 (limit 250), and is intended for distribution by health care providers, support groups, and cancer survivor advocates alike.


Take Charge Pamphlet with Essential Questions

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Facing emotional and practical challenges, patients may feel a sense of urgency to begin treatment. All too often people make decisions about their care without first asking important questions that could improve the quality of care they receive. This pamphlet informs patients about the two simple tools that NCCS created to help cancer patients on their journey. The Know Yourself Worksheet and Essential Questions to Ask Your Doctor tools encourage communication between patients and doctors.

This six-panel tri-fold pamphlet measures 5” x 6” when closed and is available in bundles of 50.

The “Essential Questions to Ask Your Doctor” patient tool is a pocket-sized resource meant to encourage communication between patients and doctors. Good communication is important for patients who want to work with their doctors to decide on a treatment plan. Questions include:

  • What information do I need to help me make a decision about treatment?
  • What information do you use to make treatment recommendations for me?
  • What are your realistic goals for my treatment?
  • What are the chances that I can be cured?
  • What are my chances of a long-term response with good quality of life?
  • Are there clinical trials available to me?
  • How will I feel during treatment? Will I be able to work? Take care of my family? Travel? Be around young children?
  • What help will I need in managing the side effects of treatment? When and for how long?
  • Should I consider a second opinion regarding my diagnosis and treatment?

Your patients may also find The Know Yourself Worksheet helpful for them as well. The Know Yourself worksheet helps patients prepare for a visit to their doctor and discuss their preferences with their family and health care team. This worksheet can be downloaded and printed from the link above.


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