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Self-Advocacy: A Cancer Survivor’s Handbook




Self-Advocacy: A Cancer Survivor’s Handbook

Every journey begins with a single step. No matter where you are in your cancer journey, the step you take now may be your first to become more informed and feel more empowered. Ideally, you are dealing with cancer with the support of many friends, loved ones and compassionate caregivers. Too often, people experience cancer in isolation, without financial or emotional support and with few resources. No matter what your circumstances, always keep in mind that you can always do something – even if that something just gets you through the next hour or the day. And remember, no matter where you are along the path of your survivorship, having good skills to negotiate and communicate your needs are some of your best weapons to use against cancer.

This handbook focuses on self-training steps and tools to assist and empower individuals dealing with cancer. Topics include becoming a self-advocate, being proactive, symptom management throughout the lifespan, and the “Survivors Bill of Rights.”

An NCCS publication, © 2009 – 26 pages

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