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Cancer Survival Toolbox Download (Spanish)



The Cancer Survival Toolbox®: Spanish

The Cancer Survival Toolbox is a free, award-winning audio program developed by leading cancer organizations to help people develop important skills to meet the challenges of their illness.

The audio programs address scenarios for many topics and issues cancer patients/survivors face during their cancer journey. The conversations touch on issues from how to communicate with your doctor, family and loved ones, to understanding complicated financial issues. Each scenario is inspired by true stories of real cancer patients/survivors.

Audio programs included in the Spanish Cancer Survival Toolbox:

Basic Skills
1. Comunicación [Communication] (40:10)
2. Búsqueda de información [Finding Information] (36:53)
3. Toma de decisiones [Making Decisions] (35:50)
4. Solución a los problemas [Problem Solving] (38:39)
5. Defensa de sus derechos [Standing Up for Your Rights] (31:35)

Special Topics
6. Cuidados para el encargado del paciente [Caring for the Caregiver] (72:37)
7. Vida después del cáncer Part 1 [Life Beyond Cancer] (73:55)
8. Vida después del cáncer Part 2 [Life Beyond Cancer] (54:12)
9. Morir bien–la etapa final de supervivencia [Dying Well] (75:03)

Audio programs downloadable in a zip file format, 345MB.
Audio files are in mp3 format.
© Copyright 2011, available in ENGLISH AND SPANISH.


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