Tools for Care Providers

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Our resources encourage dialogue between cancer patients and survivors and their health care team. We have created a selection of resources for use in daily practice covering issues for people living with, through, and beyond cancer. We hope that you will be able to use the following resources to help empower your patients.

  • Hear conversations between patients and doctors to find solutions to real problems faced throughout a cancer diagnosis with the Cancer Survival Toolbox® audio program.
  • Help your patients learn about health insurance and how coverage works.
  • Help your patients understand their employment rights when facing cancer.
  • Help your patients take charge of their care by encouraging them to ask questions, speak up and advocate for their needs.
  • Wouldn’t it be helpful if your patients knew what to ask and how to communicate with you about their cancer? Provide your patients with a tool to help them learn when and how to ask the right questions.
  • Provide cancer patients and survivors with tools to maintain hope during this difficult journey through survivorship. 

First Steps for Patients (Click here)

The evidence-based Cancer Survival Toolbox allows your patients to learn at their own pace while helping you use your time efficiently.

Planning Your Patients’ Care (Click here)

One way to help make sure you and your patient understand each other is by using cancer care plans.

Toolbox Facilitator’s Manual (Click here)

The Facilitators Manual, a training handbook, is designed to help health care professionals and support group leaders use the Cancer Survival Toolbox ® in interactive groups.