Remaining Positive

For the individual and for the family, cancer has a profound negative impact, yet hopefulness and a positive future orientation are important components for quality of life in cancer survivorship.

What is hope? Is there such a thing? How can it be defined? Is it helpful or harmful? Is it necessary?

Hope is a complex concept, one that often is misunderstood by many people including health care professionals. Part of the confusion is that people define hope differently. Another reason is that health care professionals tend to think in terms of therapeutic hope which is hope that is based on therapy and is related to a cure or remission of disease. There also is generalized hope, such as the hope to maintain a high-quality of life despite a cancer diagnosis, and there is particularized hope which is hope for something specific such as being strong enough to walk without crutches at a child’s wedding.

Hope and Optimism
The Changing Mosaic of Hope
Hope and Denial
Hope and Depression
The Threat of Hopelessness