Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Whether you’re a homemaker, retired person, teacher, factory worker, student, or corporate executive, the emotional aspects that accompany cancer, together with the complex details of treatment, can be overwhelming.

You need the confidence that comes from a list of sound, practical questions that can be used in talking with your doctor. You also need to know that it’s OK to ask questions and to expect answers in terms you can understand. The doctor needs to know not just about your cancer, but how the things in your life can either help or hinder your ability to adjust to the diagnosis of cancer and the prescribed treatments that may follow.

Search through the categories listed below to find the questions that are most relevant to your situation.

Choosing Your Doctor » Biopsies » Diagnosis »
Tests » Health Outlook (Prognosis) » Emotional Aspects of Cancer »
Maintaining Hope » Treatment Options » Clinical Trials »
Surgery » Unproven Methods » Cost and Insurance Issues »
Managed Care » Medications » Pain Management and Relief »
Cancer Fatigue » Sexuality and Fertility » Living Beyond Cancer »
When Treatment Options Are Limited »


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