Pocket Cancer Care Guide

Pocket Cancer Care Guide Webby Honoree“I hate to take the doctor’s time to answer my questions.”
“I’m so puzzled I don’t know what to ask.”
“So many medical terms were used so quickly that I just went away confused.”

Cancer Care Guide ScreenshotIf you’ve had these reactions after meeting with your doctor, you’re not alone. The emotional aspects that accompany cancer, together with the complex details of treatment, can be overwhelming. You need to know that it’s okay to ask your doctor questions and expect answers in terms you can understand.

That’s why NCCS created the Pocket Cancer Care Guide, an iPhone app for you and your family, friends and loved ones to quickly and easily build lists of practical questions used to guide conversations between you and your doctor.


Cancer Care Guide QuestionsNCCS Pocket Cancer Care Guide Features

  • Browse hundreds of questions in categories for each stage of your cancer diagnosis
  • Build lists of questions to use when talking to your doctor
  • Record and playback your doctor’s answers
  • Can’t find the right question to ask? Create your own custom questions and add them to the app!
  • Explore the extensive glossary to learn more about medical terminology your doctor uses
  • Link doctor appointments to your lists and automatically add it to your calendar

Our Pocket Cancer Care Guide mobile app was selected as an Official Honoree of the 16th Annual Webby Awards!

The NCCS Pocket Cancer Care Guide was recognized as a submission of exceptional quality in the Lifestyle (handheld devices) category under Mobile & App.


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