Assuring Quality Cancer Care

When diagnosed with cancer, you deserve the best possible care through your diagnosis, treatment, recovery and long-term follow-up. Ensuring Quality Cancer Care, a report of the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council, found that a substantial proportion of cancer patients do not receive the best quality care. The report recommends systems changes to improve the likelihood that more people will receive high-quality cancer care in the future. NCCS is working very hard on a national advocacy agenda to assure that all Americans can access this care. 

Meanwhile, here are some steps that YOU can take to obtain the best care NOW.

How Do I Find Experienced Care Providers?
How Do I Select and Evaluate My Doctor or Specialist?
How Do I Effectively Communicate with My Health Care Team?
Understanding Your Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
Understanding the Role of Clinical Trials in Quality Cancer Care
Insist on Comprehensive, Coordinated and Continuous Care
Demand a Lifetime of Excellent Care