Cancer Resources

NCCS offers free resources on various issues for people living with, through, and beyond cancer. All of the resources can be useful to the person diagnosed with cancer as well as their family members, friends and caregivers.

Cancer Survival Toolbox®

CST_logoThe Cancer Survival Toolbox is a free, award-winning audio program that teaches skills that can help people with cancer meet the challenges of their illness. The Toolbox includes a Basic Skills set that covers six important topics: communicating, finding information, making decisions, solving problems, negotiating, and standing up for your rights. Additionally, the Toolbox includes programs that cover special topics. The entire program is available for free mp3 download on this site and on iTunes.

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 Additional Cancer Survival Toolbox Modules:

Journey Forward

Journey Forward’s custom-made Survivorship Care Plan Builder is available for use by any oncologist. In addition, Journey Forward offers an electronic Medical History Builder where patients can record their health history in a format that makes changes easy and avoids the need to fill out medical history forms repeatedly. My Care Plan is a complimentary patient-oriented tool that captures and delivers the individualized information patients, their primary care providers, and other healthcare professionals need to ensure effective survivorship care.

NCCS Publications

Your Employment Rights »
Working_It_Out_Store_ThumbnailUnfortunately, many cancer survivors experience workplace discrimination. In fact, one survey found that American workers with cancer are fired or laid off five times as often as other workers. This booklet addresses the employment challenges that many survivors face and offers advice and resources to address those challenges.

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Taking Charge of Your Care »
Self_Advocacy_Store_ThumbnailNCCS believes that cancer becomes a much lesser foe when faced by informed and knowledgeable health care consumers who know how to communicate their needs to those who can be helpful to them as they experience cancer. This booklet focuses on self-training steps and tools to assist and empower individuals dealing with cancer.

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How to Talk to Your Doctor »
Teamwork_Store_ThumbnailDeveloped by cancer survivors and health care professionals, this booklet addresses the need for good communication and provides a list of sound, practical questions that patients can use when talking with their doctor.

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 The Power of Hope »
Hopeful_Store_ThumbnailHope is essential for a cancer survivor to achieve personal satisfaction with his or her quality of life. This booklet defines the many ways that hope can be present in a survivor’s life and offers a place for survivors to chronicle and reflect on their cancer journey.

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