NCCS joined colleagues in the cancer advocacy community in submitting comments regarding proposed standards for the expanded Medicaid program that was established by the Affordable Care Act.  The rules that have been proposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services would grant a state great flexibility in the design of its Medicaid program, if the state chooses to exercise the option to expand its Medicaid program.  Of great concern to NCCS and other organizations is the proposal to permit states to increase the cost of care that patients in the expanded Medicaid program would be required to bear, compared to the cost-sharing in the traditional Medicaid program.  NCCS and its colleagues advised CMS that the proposed cost-sharing burden would undermine the value of the Medicaid expansion as an insurance system for cancer survivors and recommended revisions in the proposed rules.

NCCS applauded the work of CMS to develop a single process for determining eligibility for Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and subsidies for purchase of private insurance.   NCCS urged CMS to move without delay toward full implementation of the coordinated eligibility process, which will be of critical importance in helping consumers navigate a complex set of insurance options.

A final rule should be released soon, as the federal government is moving rapidly to finalize the standards for all parts of the Affordable Care Act.

Read the Cancer Leadership Council Comments >>

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