Prevent Cancer Foundation

Prevent Cancer Foundation is the ONLY cancer-related organization in the nation completely focused on reducing your risk of developing cancer and early detection.

pcf-logoThe Foundation works on multiple levels to contribute to the effort to reduce the burden of cancer. We work on an individual level, educating men and women about how to reduce their risk of cancer, providing screening and follow up treatment for underserved communities, and funding individual researchers doing cutting-edge research to help advance the field of cancer prevention. And we work on a more global level, in partnership with other organizations as thought leaders, impacting public policy and creating a national dialogue in cancer prevention.

Guide to Preventable Cancer

This 23-page guide teaches you how to reduce your risk for cancer. Eight preventable cancers are highlighted with detailed information on risk factors, risk reduction and early detection, symptoms and treatment. The brochure is available in Spanish as well as a version for American Indians and Alaskan Natives. Download now! »

Breakaway from Cancer® plays a central role in both of these efforts-highlighting resources for cancer prevention and early detection available to individuals, as well as leading a national dialogue about the spectrum of issues and expertise that is required to reduce the burden of cancer in our country and around the world. Prevent Cancer Foundation is honored to partner with Amgen and three respected national organizations providing services and leadership within the continuum of prevention, treatment, supportive care and survivorship.