White House officials say they are confident the Supreme Court will uphold the health-care law, but they also are preparing for a range of outcomes, including pressing ahead with what remains of the law if the court strikes down only part of it.

Republicans, meanwhile, are preparing a two-step approach if the court doesn’t void the entire law: A quick vote in the House to repeal any parts of it that remain, which would be unlikely to get approval in the Democrat-controlled Senate, and then a push for a series of small changes to health-care policy.

The Supreme Court’s decision, expected by the end of next week, could reshape the health-care landscape for consumers and companies. If the court keeps it in place, attention would shift to preparing for millions more Americans to get coverage starting in 2014 and for businesses to pay new taxes and penalties. If the court strikes down all of the law, consumer-friendly benefits such as Medicare drug rebates likely would disappear along with the requirement that some people pay a fee for going uninsured.

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