NCCS Elevate Ambassador Kimberly Richardson

NCCS Elevate Ambassador Kimberly Richardson

Who better to help scientists research cancer than those who live with it?

NCCS Elevate Ambassador Kimberly Richardson is partnering with University of Illinois College of Medicine students to launch an educational program for scientists and cancer survivors.

“Survivors Advising Scientists Educational Program” is a model developed by Richardson while she participated in the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship’s ELEVATE Ambassador Program. Having little knowledge of cancer before being diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer eight years ago, Richardson has since been transformed into a research advocate, learning anything she can about the disease. She wants to share her wisdom, along with scientists’ expertise, to create initiatives that foster meaningful collaborations between survivors and researchers.

The program consists of nine eight to 12 minute video vignettes that are presented in a language that can be easily understood. Topics range from scientific hypotheses and its components; experimental and confounding variables; experimental errors; types of clinical studies; and how to read a scientific poster. The goal, Gordon said, is to create more content, especially as it relates to cancer treatment and health disparities.

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Elevating Survivorship (“Elevate”) is a patient-led initiative to improve survivorship care in the United States. Through Elevate, NCCS highlights gaps in survivorship care, improves survivorship care at the local level, and educates audiences about the need for survivorship care.

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