CPAT Word CloudIf you have ever wanted to use your cancer journey—either as a survivor or as a caregiver—to make a difference, you are invited to join the NCCS Cancer Policy & Advocacy Team (CPAT)!  Driven by the energy and experiences of the CPAT Steering Committee, CPAT provides cancer survivors and caregivers with tools and training that build upon their personal experiences to become effective advocates to improve cancer care. Through NCCS events and materials, CPAT members gain an in-depth understanding of public policies that impact survivorship: to quote from someone who attended last year’s symposium, “(The) quality of content presented was amazing.”  Another noted, “As a new advocate, this (meeting) was very helpful in understanding the full breadth of issues surrounding cancer survivorship.”

CPAT members have access to a number of resources related to current issues, programs, and policies that affect cancer survivors.

  • Webinars: CPAT members participate in webinars with experts who speak about different issues related to cancer survivorship such as “Strategies for Cancer Survivors to Implement When Choosing Health Insurance” and the upcoming “A Conversation Around Shared Decision-Making and A Patient Revolution—and The Role of the PACT Act.”
  • Symposium: CPAT members are invited to the annual two-day meeting in Washington, DC where they can network with other advocates from around the country and learn from cutting-edge researchers, health care professionals, and policy leaders. Travel scholarships to the conference are available to CPAT members.
  • E-Newsletter: CPAT members receive a periodic e-newsletter with updates on policy issues that affect cancer care and highlights advocates’ efforts in their communities.
  • CPAT Forum: The CPAT Forum on the NCCS website allows CPAT members to interact with others and to access material and resources relevant to their advocacy efforts.

If you are interested in using your personal experience to be a transforming, positive force to affect change through CPAT, simply complete a brief online questionnaire to become a member.  (We will then send you information about registering for this year’s symposium and webinars, and we are always interested in hearing about your ideas for CPAT.)

If you’d like to learn more about CPAT by participating in the upcoming webinar “A Conversation Around Shared Decision-Making and A Patient Revolution—and The Role of the PACT Act” on Wednesday, May 25 from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm Eastern time, please complete the registration form as well.

If you have any questions or ideas for CPAT, please contact Christin Engelhardt, Director of Policy and Advocacy or Kelsey Nepote, Consultant, Cancer Policy & Advocacy Team.

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