Focus on the Care Videos

Health policy experts discuss cancer policy issues

We created a video series to explore some of the most important policy issues that impact cancer patients, survivors, and providers. Connect with Cancer Policy Matters to learn more about palliative care, health insurance exchanges, the unique challenges of childhood cancer survivors, risk and benefit in cancer therapies, and other important issues.

What Does Quality Cancer Care Mean to You?
Susan Gubar Discusses Palliative Care
Marlene King: Are Doctors Good Listeners?
Dr. Keith Flaherty: The Genetics of Cancer
Marlene King Talks About Shared-Decision Making
Dr. Fred Smith on Payment Systems in Cancer Care
Marlene King Tells Her Story
Dr. Walter Baile – Shared Decision Making
Susan Gubar: Logistical Issues in Care Coordination
Susan Gubar on Mental Effects of Chemotherapy
Susan Gubar on Financial Issues in Cancer Care
Susan Gubar on Shared Decision-Making
Amy Berman – Palliative Care & Living Well
Amy Berman Discusses the NCCS CPR
Amy Berman on the Role of Patient Advocates
Beth Galliart – Risk and Benefit in Cancer Drugs
Emily Lee Talks Episodes of Care
JoAnn Volk Talks About the ACA
Dr. Emily Mueller – Barriers to Care
Dr. Emily Mueller – Unique Medical Complications
Dr. Alberto Gutierrez – What Patients Should Know About Tests Offered By Clinical Laboratories
Tanisha Carino talks about Health Exchanges