The PACT Act: Tips for Calling Your Representative

Members of Congress need to hear from constituents that cancer care planning is a priority. Calling your elected officials is easy and an important way to exercise your right as a citizen. Remember that it is your elected official’s job – and his/her staff members– to listen to you, as a constituent!

Some tips for the call:

  • Ask for the staff member who covers health issues.
  • Mention your connection to cancer, as a survivor, caregiver, provider, family member, etc.
  • Stress the importance of cancer care planning and coordination:
    • Care planning encourages important doctor-patient discussions and a shared decision-making process.
    • Without a care plan, patients must navigate the complexities of a cancer diagnosis on their own.
    • The Planning Actively for Cancer Treatment (PACT) Act will ensure that every Medicare-eligible cancer patient has access to cancer care planning and coordination, which will improve cancer care and reduce inefficiencies in the system.
  • If appropriate, share your experience with cancer care planning. If you received a care plan, how did it help you? If you did not receive a care plan, how might it have helped you?
  • Ask your Representative to please co-sponsor the bipartisan Planning Actively for Cancer Treatment Act.

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