NCCS Cancer Policy & Advocacy Team (CPAT) Webinar

CPAT Logo 2016Affordable Care Act Update

Thursday, April 6, 2017
2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern Time

The Republican health care replacement plan, the AHCA, failed to make it to the House floor last month. Although this was good news for those who want to keep the ACA and the protections it has provided for cancer survivors, our work is far from over. Repeal and replace legislative efforts could resurface at any time. But legislative action is not the only avenue the administration could take in dismantling the ACA; there are several tools they could use to undermine the law and leave millions of patients without access to quality or affordable health care.

Join us on Thursday at 2:00pm EDT for an update on where the ACA stands now, what the law’s future could hold, and what this all means for cancer survivors.

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