What Caught Our Eye (WCOE), September 29, 2017
What Caught Our Eye is our week-in-review blog series, where we recap the cancer policy articles, studies, and stories that caught our attention.

Affordable Care Act

“The Health 202: Five lessons from the GOP’s failed effort to repeal Obamacare”

By Paige Cunningham, Washington PostSome Republicans will forever carry a torch for repeal of the Affordable Care Act. But it’s hard to see how the door really opens again in the near future — at least as widely as it has been since the start of President Trump’s tenure.
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“The Trump administration is waging an unprecedented war on governing”

Washington Post Opinion Pages — “I have truly never seen anything like that in all my years of observing politics. This is the agency that is mandated by law to implement the Affordable Care Act, which includes taking all the steps it can to maximize enrollment, proclaiming that it has no intention of doing so. It’s mind-boggling.” – Paul Waldman, Washington Post

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“Trump voter who survived cancer: Graham-Cassidy health bill worst by far”

USA Today Op-EdThe president said everyone would be covered. I got critical treatment through Obamacare then watched in horror as he and his party tried to repeal it.

The last Democrat I voted for was Jimmy Carter. The last Republican I voted for was Donald Trump. After the past eight months, I am now a health care voter. My story, and my family’s story, is like so many others. In 2008, after a 20-year career in health care, I became another statistic in the number of uninsured Americans and no longer had a job or employer-provided health care. I had followed the American dream and started my own small business. I am a barber in Tennessee and I love it. I was able to get insurance through my wife’s job.
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Coping With Cancer

“5 Health Care Wishes from a Cancer Survivor”

By Barbara Tako, Cure MagazineThere are times when I wish my doctors knew what it felt like to have breast cancer, not that I would wish cancer on anyone. Then there are insurance companies—they don’t seem to recognize the emotional impact of hearing, “You have cancer.” I wish our system allowed oncology doctors to spend more time with patients. Looking back, the nurses and physician assistants (PAs) spent more time with me than the doctors—because insurance allowed it.
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Cancer News

“Comprehensive cancer survivorship services lacking in primary care”

Healio.comNew data have demonstrated an absence of comprehensive care for cancer survivors integrated into primary care practices.

“Despite a decade of effort by national stakeholders to bring cancer survivorship to the forefront of primary care, there is little evidence to suggest that primary care has begun to integrate comprehensive services to manage the care of long-term cancer survivors,” Ellen B. Rubinstein, PhD, from the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, N.J., and colleagues wrote in their study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.
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“ACA Medicaid expansion cut disparities in cancer care for minorities, poor”

Duke University Medical CenterStates that fully expanded their Medicaid programs under the Affordable Care Act cut their rates of uninsured cancer patients by more than half between 2011 and 2014. Black patients and those living in the highest poverty areas saw the greatest benefit from Medicaid expansion, according to a Duke Cancer Institute analysis.
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