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Lisa Gray, CML Survivor

“In December, I enrolled in a plan that reduced my premium by more than $300 and had no prescription cap. By eliminating pre-existing conditions and providing access to affordable health coverage, the ACA has saved my life.”

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We at NCCS are carefully monitoring the transition to the Trump administration and what it means for cancer survivors, patients, and families.

One immediate concern is access to health insurance, given promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and uncertainty about what, if anything, would replace it. The ACA has allowed cancer patients and survivors to purchase insurance through the exchanges, and it has afforded protections related to out-of-pocket expenses, lifetime caps, and pre-existing conditions.

We need YOUR help to identify stories of cancer survivors who have benefited from the ACA, so we can share these with policymakers and protect the important provisions of the ACA that help cancer survivors.

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