Scott Gottlieb

Scott Gottlieb, MD
Nominee for FDA Commissioner
Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) applauds the nomination of Dr. Scott Gottlieb for commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Dr. Gottlieb’s experience as a physician, a policymaker, and a patient uniquely qualifies him to lead the FDA at this important time. The agency confronts a rich pipeline of new products for cancer and other illnesses, and these products raise complicated scientific and clinical issues. FDA must also implement the provisions of the 21st Century Cures Act in a way that assures strong review procedures and that further incorporates patient voices. As patient advocates, we believe Dr. Gottlieb can lead the outstanding professional staff at FDA to meet these challenges.

Throughout its history, NCCS has advocated for an efficient cancer drug review process that considers the needs of cancer patients while ensuring that products approved by the FDA are safe and effective and will help patients survive longer and live well with cancer.

“As a physician and cancer survivor, Dr. Gottlieb understands the human toll cancer takes on individuals and families, during both treatment and long-term survivorship,” said Shelley Fuld Nasso, NCCS Chief Executive Officer. “He is open to a wide range of perspectives, including those of the patients whose lives depend on a strong FDA. We look forward to working with him as a partner at the FDA to ensure cancer patients have access to safe and effective treatments.”

Dr. Gottlieb is an NCCS Cancer Policy Advisor, has collaborated with NCCS to host a policy discussion on strategies to put patients first in payment reform efforts, and has been a frequent presenter at NCCS Cancer Policy Roundtable meetings.

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