What Cancer Survivors Need to Know About Health Insurance


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This book sorts through the insurance maze by explaining the many types of insurance and exploring ways cancer survivors can get the most out of their insurance coverage. The booklet also helps cancer survivors understand the new rights and coverage changes they already enjoy, as well as the rights and responsibilities they will encounter under the new health care law. © 2012. ENGLISH AND SPANISH.  *** Spanish version is presently out of stock.  ***

Contributions from Kim Calder, Karen Davenport, Mary-Beth Harty, Katie Horton, Kevin Lucia, Karen Pollitz, and Naomi Seiler. © 2012 – 34 pages

This booklet also available FREE for download in PDF format:
Download the Full Health Insurance Publication (PDF) Health Insurance Publication (PDF)

And for just $.99 on the Amazon Kindle:
Download the Amazon Kindle edition kindle 120px


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