Topics for Older Persons

Cancer is a common problem for many older persons, but simply being older should not add to the burden of the disease. This audio program focuses on issues that have specific meaning for older cancer survivors. Examples of these issues include finding quality cancer care despite your age and health, getting help paying for medications you need, and standing up for your rights in a healthcare system that sometimes discriminates against the older person.


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Hear some specific problems older survivors are faced with when diagnosed with cancer. 

Survivor Stories: Learning About Cancer

Hear Mary explain how she overcame her fear of knowing about her cancer and how the knowledge helped her feel at ease with her diagnosis and treatment. 

Survivor Stories: Communicating

Listen to Joanne, a cancer survivor, communicate in an effective way while dealing with a problem and addressing a sensitive issue. 

Finding Information

Hear a nurse explain the importance of obtaining information to deal with your diagnosis. 

Survivor Stories: Financial issues

Hear John talk through his financial concerns and the steps he takes to ensure his wife is in a good financial state. 

Survivor Stories: Medicare

Learn the specifics of Medicare and hear Rita talk about her experience in being covered under the program. 

Survivor Stories: Treatment Decisions

Listen to Jim talk through making a decision about his treatment with his wife. 

Survivor Stories: End of Life Issues

Hear Ruth talk through the decision making process to ensure her desires are met in an end of life situation. 

Survivor Stories: Problem Solving

Listen to Isabelle talk through the issues she was having with multiple medications. Hear her explain the importance of being honest and working with a nurse practitioner to find the right solution. 

Survivor Stories: Living Arrangements

Hear Maria’s social worker explain how she helped her gather information and make a plan so she could negotiate for herself in a difficult situation. 

Survivor Stories: Side Effects

Listen to Joe stand up for rights and ensure that he is not a victim of age discrimination. 


Hear a conclusion about additional resources available. 

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