Living Beyond Cancer

Living Beyond Cancer ToolboxCancer survivorship is a day-to-day, ongoing process that begins with your diagnosis and continues through the rest of your life. Living Beyond Cancer discusses a number of important issues that are specific to life beyond the diagnosis and initial treatment of cancer. Surviving cancer is more complicated than simply being sick or well, having cancer or being cancer free. Instead, it is a continual process that is constantly changing. There may be times when the joy you feel about survival far outweighs any anxieties you may have. Then, there will be times when your fears and uncertainties seem to take over your life, and you wonder if you will ever feel normal again.

This program will introduce you to skills to help you adapt to your life after cancer. The goal is to help you, a cancer survivor, be as healthy as possible within your personal circumstances. After listening to this Toolbox program, you will better understand:

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Hear Ellen Stovall, a cancer survivor, reflect on what life after the initial treatments is like. 

Living with the After Effects

Learn from survivors how to keep track of your health in the months and years after cancer. 

Intimacy and Sexuality

Hear Sarah and Jim explain some of the intimacy and sexuality challenges that they encountered after cancer treatments. 


Allow Linda, a social worker, to give some suggestions in dealing with role transitions and difficulties that occur after treatment within families. 

Emotional Aspects of Cancer

Hear many survivors explain their different emotional concerns and how they learned to deal with them. 

Getting Your House in Order

Learn about the necessary steps to take to “get you house in order” and hear how Kathy, a 42-year-old survivor, made sure her family would be okay if something happened to her. 

Living with Hope

Hear how acknowledging and sharing your fears can provide a feeling of control and a sense of hopefulness.