Dying Well – The Final Stage of Survivorship

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Death is an inevitable part of life. However, few of us know just what to do or say or how to find the support we need when we are nearing the end of our lives and saying our final goodbyes.

Dying Well ToolboxDying Well—The Final Stage of Survivorship is an informative, supportive, and reassuring program. It is designed to teach you more about your choices and resources, as well as what to expect during this last stage of survival. After listening to the “Dying Well” Toolbox program, you and your loved ones will be better prepared to:

  • Communicate with the members of your cancer care team, as well as family, friends, employers, and coworkers
  • Manage hopes and expectations
  • Deal with any anxiety or depression that may arise
  • Make decisions about symptom management (including controlling pain) and continuing or stopping treatment
  • Recognize what is happening during the dying process
  • Make informed decisions about hospice/palliative care
  • Manage grief

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