CST_logoNegotiating means talking with people involved in your healthcare so that you can get what you need to have the best quality of life possible. After listening to this Toolbox program, you will be better prepared to:

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Learn the definition of negotiation and hear how learning to negotiate can help you receive the quality treatment you need and deserve. 
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Negotiating Steps

Hear Joan, an Oncology Nurse, walk through the steps of negotiation.  
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Making Treatment Decisions

Hear Anna, a cancer survivor who wants to try a new treatment, learn how to negotiate with her doctor who isn’t necessarily in favor of the treatment. 
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Insurance Issues

Learn the facts of health insurance and about the laws that protect you as an American. 
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Negotiating Insurance Coverage

Hear how Anthony gathered all the necessary information to present to his insurance company to ensure that his treatment was covered. 
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Survivor Stories: Employment Issues

Listen to Nancy explain employment issues she encountered and learn about the laws benefit cancer survivors. 
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Hear about more resources that can better prepare you to negotiate for your quality care. 
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