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Prior to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), cancer survivors were at the mercy of the health care system, often forced to pay exorbitant premiums or simply denied coverage altogether. Today, America’s 16 million cancer survivors benefit from the ACA’s patient protections that are critical to providing them with quality, affordable, and accessible health care coverage. NCCS is actively engaged in advocating to ensure this unprecedented access continues.

As Congress considers repealing and replacing the ACA, we will provide regular updates about replacement proposals, what they mean for cancer survivors, and how survivors and advocates can make their voices heard in this debate.

ACA Status Updates

May 19  |  May 5  |  April 28  |  April 21  |  April 14  |  April 10  |  March 31  |  March 24  |  March 17  |  March 14  |  March 10

May 19: Senate Negotiates their Version of the AHCA, Waits for New CBO Score
May 5: AHCA Passes in House, Now Faces Major Obstacles in Senate
April 28: AHCA 2.0 Is Released (Worse for Patients than the Original Bill)
April 21: House GOP Readies a Revised Health Care Bill
April 14: Town Hall Headlines, Cost-Sharing Subsidies, the 'Death Spiral', and Trump's Final 'Market Stabilization' Rule
April 10: New GOP Proposal Would Undermine Pre-Existing Condition Protections
March 31: The Fight to Protect the ACA Is Far From Over.
March 24: Speaker Ryan Withdraws the AHCA
March 17: The AHCA CBO Score, a Cancer Survivor's Question for Tom Price, and New Polling
March 14: NCCS Statement on CBO Score of American Health Care Act
March 10: GOP Repeal Plan, the AHCA, Moves Forward in the House
March 7: NCCS Statement on the American Health Care Act (GOP Replacement Bill)
March 2: GOP Tax Credits, Medicaid Proposals, and a 'Secret' Replacement Bill
February 24: The Leaked Draft ACA Replacement Bill
February 17: GOP Outlines Replacement, Congress Goes Home for District Work Period
February 13: More of the Same from Congressional Republicans
February 3: Inadequate Replacement Plans
January 26: Watch Our Webinar
January 24: Cassidy-Collins Plan & ACA Executive Order

How Can I Get Involved?

There are numerous ways for you to make your voice heard.

Watch Our ACA Webinar

“Affordable Care Act Update: What Cancer Survivors and Advocates Need to Know”
Our recent webinar covering the ACA is a good primer to learn more about the legislation—the patient protections built into the ACA, the potential consequences of a repeal, as well as a few strategies for making your voice heard.

Contact/Meet Your Members of Congress

Whether you attend a town hall event in your district, set up an in-person meeting with the district office, or call your Member, every effort is vital in saving our care. Did you know it takes on average only SEVEN phone calls for Members of Congress to flag an issue?

The printable PDF tip sheet below includes helpful information about setting up meetings, attending town halls, and calling Congress. The sheet also contains sample questions to ask your Members of Congress.

Social Media

Engage with Members on their social media platforms. Comment on their Facebook pages, or tweet directly at Members (use the hashtag #ProtectOurCare). They and their staff DO pay attention to these things.

List of Congressional Twitter Handles »

For assistance with any of this information, please contact Lindsay Houff, Manager of Policy.

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