policy-comment70x70NCCS joined 18 other national cancer patient, professional, and research organizations in recommending modifications to the essential health benefits plan proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In comments on the HHS bulletin on essential health benefits, the Cancer Leadership Council (CLC) identified the special health needs of cancer survivors, beginning at the time of diagnosis and extending through survivorship, and urged the development of an essential health benefits package adequate to meet those needs.

The CLC commended the investigative and consultative work of HHS to identify essential health benefits and urged HHS to utilize its findings to establish a national minimum benefit package. The coalition also identified the need for an expansive prescription drug formulary to ensure that cancer patients have access to appropriate anti-cancer agents, including drug combinations, and supportive care medications at all states of their disease.

NCCS and other members of CLC signaled their intention to offer comments during the regulatory process to refine the definition of essential health benefits.

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