The Planning Actively for Cancer Treatment (PACT) Act:

Providing Cancer Patients a Plan for Treatment and Survivorship

The Planning Actively for Cancer Treatment (PACT) Act will encourage the development of a personalized cancer care plan for Medicare beneficiaries.

The PACT Act will:

  • Help cancer patients through the difficult process of cancer diagnosis, treatment choices, treatment management, and survivorship care by supplying them a written plan or roadmap.
  • Encourage a shared decision-making process between patients and their cancer care teams.
  • Support informed decision-making as treatment choices are becoming increasingly complex.
  • Empower the patient with tools to manage care from active treatment through long-term survivorship.

About the 2015 PACT Act

Why is a cancer plan necessary for each patient?
How does the PACT Act encourage cancer care planning?
Why is a new Medicare service necessary?
Supporting Organizations and Cancer Centers

How Can I Help?

Members of Congress need to hear from their constituents that cancer care planning is a priority. There are two simple ways you can get in touch with your elected officials and to make your voice heard: write your representative or call your representative.

For reference when contacting your Member of Congress, you can use our PACT Act Fact Sheet. [PDF]

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