Employment Opportunities

Director of Public Policy and Advocacy

The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) represents survivors of all types of cancer in public policy efforts to improve cancer treatments and enhance access to quality cancer care.   The goal of NCCS public policy activities is to foster a cancer care system that is evidence-based, quality-driven, patient-focused and affordable and accessible to all.  NCCS convenes cancer and health policy interests on a regular basis to deliberate and develop common policy positions and undertake collaborative activities focused on cancer care quality improvement.  

Position Summary

The Director of Public Policy and Advocacy will:

  • represent the public policy interests of NCCS to Congress and federal agencies and among other health care and cancer organizations;
  • participate in the policy development efforts at NCCS with senior leadership of the organization and volunteers;
  • communicate NCCS policy activities and priorities to diverse audiences and through social media outreach;
  • participate in planning and executing collaborative public policy meetings and activities; and
  • implement and manage NCCS advocacy and policy programs and initiatives. 

Experience & Skills

Five or more years of experience in public policy, advocacy, government relations, or state or federal government.  Strong oral and written communication ability is essential. Strong interpersonal skills to support participation in collaborative activities and ability to adapt to fast-breaking policy developments are critical.

A competitive compensation package of salary and benefits will be offered. 

To Apply

Email resumes along with cover letter to Shelley Fuld Nasso c/o reception@canceradvocacy.org